Dark Wolf Gang - Campaign

Dark Wolf Gang is a short film selected for the American Film Institute Directing Workshop for Women. As a queer women of color I'm passionate about directing, writing stories that promote inclusion and diversity. I want to create content that is cinematic, refreshing, and enriches the storytelling landscape. Therefore, my comedic short film features an interracial lesbian couple, a badass Chicana grandmother, and Latino teens destined to protect their neighborhood from supernatural evil.  

Portrayals in media have a profound impact in the development of our society. I want to do my part in positively affecting the narratives of LGBTQ, POC, and Immigrant communities.

Please join, support our campaign by making a direct donation here: DARK WOLF GANG CAMPAIGN       AFI is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) (All direct donations to the AFI portal maybe tax deductible)

Creating inclusion and community through the art of story.

I'm proud to be a storyteller.